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If you outsource maintenance of the website/webshop to us, we will ensure that you work with the right plugins and themes, that there are backups, that your website is secured and that everything remains up-to-date.

How does such


work then?

First of all, you get a dedicated project manager, a fixed point of contact for all your questions. Together with the Clients project manager we will see where your needs lie. Based on the needs, we will schedule periodic meetings. If desired, this can be done weekly, monthly or once a quarter. At the beginning of the meeting there is a mini kick-off where the following questions are answered:

Updates of plugins,

themes and WordPress

Our support department ensures that your website is up-to-date. If a security risk occurs in a certain plug-in, we will ensure that it is closed within 1 working day. Further updates are performed according to our update protocols. As a customer, you will not notice the update, we carry out our work in the background. This way you can focus on your business, which is nice.

Security of your website

Proper security of your website is a standard part of our WordPress maintenance. We have therefore taken the necessary precautions for this. This varies from physical key control to a clean desk policy and a mandatory password manager. We take security measures at application level. For example, an IP address is blocked when more than 3 incorrect logins have been made. In addition, we keep a user activity log and all our websites have uptime monitoring. All measures to ensure a properly secured site are described in detail in our SLA.

Helpdesk for all

your questions

Providing high-quality support is one of our core tasks. Our support department is therefore easily accessible. If you have any questions, you can always drop in a ticket or give us a call. All questions that are asked before 16:30 will receive a substantive response the same day.

Daily backups

up to 90 days back

Your website is backed up every night. These are kept for 90 days within the EU, in accordance with the AVG legislation. This is a standard part of our WordPress maintenance. Our support can arrange a backup for you immediately. Making backups per hour is also possible if you have a high traffic website with a lot of content or, for example, a large webshop.


WordPress hosting

If you purchase maintenance from us in combination with hosting, we can take full responsibility for the operation of your website. Our hosting partners are carefully selected. You can think of excellent performance, service, security and scalability. This way you are always assured of a website that is technically up-to-date, loads quickly and runs on a secure server.


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