We offer custom WordPress hosting. Specifically tailored to WordPress and taking into account the complexity of the website or webshop. Whether you are looking for lightning fast WordPress optimized hosting or a stable shared server, we monitor 24/7 and provide daily backups. PRdigital is therefore the right partner in the field of hosting and domain names. We unburden our clients by facilitating the registration of domain names and the hosting of websites or web shops.


Qualified For Your Needs

Our experienced designers know the possibilities of the web, the limitations of modern browsers and devices and are in direct contact with our developers to create beautiful and user-friendly designs together.


Choosing a new domain name for a website or webshop sounds easier than it is. Suppose your website is also available in different languages, are you going to work with sub-domains, different directories or different extensions? The choice that is made affects the structure of the website and plays a role in SEO. Then there is the question of which domains are still available… We are happy to help you further in this process. We take care of the registration and management of domain names.


No matter how well a site is built, if the hosting is not good, the website will not function optimally. It is important that the hosting package has enough bandwidth to run the site quickly. Hosting a website therefore requires a different hosting package than a “heavy” webshop.

For example, the speed of the server largely determines the speed of a website. But not every website needs lightning fast WordPress hosting. Sometimes a less powerful shared hosting solution is enough. By working with various fixed hosting suppliers, we can provide a tailor-made solution for every website.

Support and maintenance

To take the complete technical management off your hands, we also offer support & maintenance of your WordPress website. This includes the following activities;

  • – Updates of plugins, themes and WordPress;
  • – Security of your website;
  • – Helpdesk for your WordPress questions;
  • – Daily backups up to 90 days back;

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Partnerships To Success

every partnership is unique, but all partnerships should include mutual success.

Expanding Our Views

What often comes after customers on a business’ wish list? More traffic to their site.

Achieving Quality Profits

Your company's website can be a highly effective marketing tool that can be very cost-efficient.


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