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Long-term development, support and innovation for our Client WordPress platform. Step by step, we work together to make the WordPress platform perform better. We are happy to help you further!

Continuous development means that we, in collaboration with our Client, continuously develop his website. His website is being updated on a regular basis, where we are constantly developing, testing, discussing and putting it live. Continuous development means that you can quickly add new features to your website. We do this in a safe, controlled way.

How does such


work then?

First of all, you get a dedicated project manager, a fixed point of contact for all your questions. Together with the Clients project manager we will see where your needs lie. Based on the needs, we will schedule periodic meetings. If desired, this can be done weekly, monthly or once a quarter. At the beginning of the meeting there is a mini kick-off where the following questions are answered:

A permanent developer

on fixed days

Our customer is assigned a permanent developer who knows the website inside out. This permanent developer works on this website on fixed days, so that continuity is guaranteed. As a result, our customer has guaranteed availability from our developers, which ensures that you can quickly respond to changes, campaigns, etc.

You can then opt for co-creation. Co-creation means that you will work together with the developer in a project space, where the website will be worked on together. The customer comes with the ideas, our developers build it and show it immediately. The customer feedback is processed, the website is tested again and then the new feature goes live!

Pragmatic, flexible

and fast

A continuous development process is pragmatic, flexible and fast. WordPress is ideal for quickly rolling out new functionalities. Develop, test, put live. In order to optimize cooperation, we use various tools that promote project communication. For our current customers we work a lot with Trello, Slack and Google Sheets. This way communication goes smoothly and we know for sure that no information is lost.


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Test your page in different countries, browsers, connection speeds and more


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